There has been an arrest in the series of bombs sent to Democrat and Democrat-friendly people/entities.H

The man arrested is Cesar Sayoc.  Initial reports indicate he is a 56 year old either Native American or White male, who has a history of threats and attempts at terrorist activity.

Political party-wise, in the last 5 minutes I have heard that he is a member of the Green Party, a Democrat, and a Democrat who re-registered as a Republican, though there is no immediate indication how recently that re-registration was.

It is also being reported that his van was plastered with pro-Trump and pro-Republican signage – also with no indication of how recently it was put on.

If this is true, and Sayoc’s registration and van signage have been in existence for, say, a period of months or a year or more, then there obviously is a strong reason to believe he is a pro-Trump partisan. If the re-registration and pro-Trump signage came into being just a short time ago, there obviously is a strong reason to believe it is a ruse, designed to mislead authorities as to his actual politics and intentions.

Let’s pay close attention and see how this plays out over the next 24 to 48 hours. Don’t at all be surprised if the story changes several times during that period.


UPDATE: A spate of reports from both leftward and rightward websites is painting a picture of Cesar Sayoc as a right-wing nutcake.

I again remind you that these are initial reports, always subject to change. But that’s the latest “information” so far.

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