We now know a lot about cesar sayoc (no more capital letters for him), the lunatic who sent those “don’t worry, they won’t explode” bombs to various anti-Trmp people and entities.

Surprisingly, CNN’s Nicole Chavez has put up a very complete, very well put together chronology of his obviously deranged life (if CNN did this good a job on other news, Trump supporters would not be chanting about it at his rallies).

A few key “highlights:

Hours before his arrest, Cesar Sayoc was playing music sets at a Florida strip club and almost no one in there knew of his political views.

At least four times a week over the last two months, the 56-year-old parked his white Dodge van plastered with stickers supporting President Donald Trump and depicting some of the President’s critics with targets over their images near the club. Sometimes he would work as a DJ and other times as a bouncer.

Sayoc, a resident of Aventura, Florida, is a bodybuilder who worked as a male dancer for several years and most recently as a pizza driver.
In a statement, the Seminole Tribe of Florida, Seminole Gaming and Hard Rock International said there was “no evidence” the suspect is or was a member or was employed by any of the three groups. They also said they could not immediately “verify if he is or was an employee of a vendor company.”
A cousin, Lenny Altieri, said Sayoc went to good schools and was well educated. “Brains and common sense are not synonymous,” he said.

Upon sayoc’s arrest. President Trump praised law enforcement’s success in apprehending him and condemned his actions.  He did so to a raucously appreciative crowd of young Black supporters who had been invited to the White House – a fact that some (not all) media mentioned when airing the video.

Now, the politics:

Can Democrats seriously think they will be able to use this as a counterpoint to two years of aggression by anti-Trump haters against Trump supporters and Republican members of his administration – often violent aggression – aggression twhile, unlike Trump and his people, they stood by silently and acted as if it didn’t happen?  As if the ravings of maxine waters, and other prominent Democrats had nothing to do with it?

It sure seems that they think this way.  And maybe they’re right.  But I have serious doubts.

I suspect that, if anything, as Democrats and their media sycophants try to tie sayoc to Trump, while Republicans condemn sayoc and point out the difference between their reaction and how Democrats have reacted to such behavior, it is the difference that will jump out most prominently.

I suppose polls taken over the next few days will give us at least a taste of the answer.

Hold tight and let’s see.

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