First, let me show you the headline, sub-head and first paragraph of’s lead story has at this moment:

Trump backer defends “message” of blackface Clinton Cartoon

Pastor Mark Burns tweeted racially offensive imagery of Clinton, undercutting Trump’s efforts to appeal to African-American voters

Donald Trump always has something to say on Twitter, but now, a supporter’s tweet is creating outrage. 

It shows an image of Hillary Clinton in blackface, at a time when Trump is reaching out to minority groups. Now, the top African American adviser to Trump is apologizing for posting the racially offensive cartoon of Clinton, undercutting any serious Trump effort to appeal to African-American voters, reports CBS News correspondent Major Garrett. 

Let’s count them up:

-Sub-head:  racially offensive

-Sub-head:  undercuts Trump’s appeal to Black voters

-First paragraph:  undercuts any serious Trump effort to appeal to African-American voters.

Well, there you go.  No need for Trump to court Black voters now.  This ends any chance he has to do so.

Is this reporting?  Or is this campaigning?

It think it would probably help if you saw the “outrageous” “undercutting” cartoon which has drawn all this sound and fury.  So here it is:


I won’t ask if this is racially provocative, because it would be an insult to do so.  OF COURSE it is.

But that’s precisely the point.

The cartoon is saying, as provocatively as it can, that every four years Democrats – this time around, Hillary Clinton – go through exactly the same song and dance to take ownership of Black votes.  They put on a show of pretending to be with Black voters — by doing WHAT?  Promising more “up by the bootstraps” programs (to add to the countless duplicative ones aready being funded), more expenditures in depressed primarily-Black areas (which have resulted in WHAT?).  They essentially tell Black voters that “You can’t do for yourself, so we’ll give you stuff – more stuff than Republicans will ever give you”……and then wave bye-bye until the next election.

Is there any truth to this?

The more you feel there is, the more you are likely to agree with the sentiment depicted in that cartoon.

Would the fact that a Black adviser for Donald Trump put it up – and then apologized for the picture (NOT the sentiment), hurt Donald Trump with Black voters?  If so, WHICH Black voters?  The ones who would never vote for him anyway?

The real question here is whether this cartoon would hurt – or help – Trump with Black voters who are reacting positively to his point:  i.e.  that they have nothing to lose by voting for Trump, because Black people have fared so poorly under Democrat governance.

Will Black voters who feel that way be “outraged” by the cartoon, or be nodding in rueful agreement with it?   CBS is claiming it will be the former.  I strongly suspect that, in a good many cases, it will be the latter.

In any event, this is not news reporting.  Not the way it is written.  It is an attempt to take an individual incident and build it into some kind of racial maelstrom for Donald Trump.

In that connection, CBS being a neutral media venue and all, I await its feature article on the racial outrage of Hillary Clinton enthusiastically supporting the racist hate group, #blacklivesmatter.  No hyperbole, just a reminder of what this group stands for, who it stands with, and what Hillary Clinton’s support says about her.

I have a feeling this is going to be a long wait.

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  • Ken asks If so, WHICH Black voters?
    The Black voters that the media can shame into voting for Clinton.

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