The good news is that CBS is offering insufficient coverage to just what a debacle ObamaCare is, how much it is disliked by the public, and how completely the Obama administration – from the top on down – has lied to us about it.

How can this possibly be good news?  Because, compared to NBC and ABC its coverage is massive.

According to Scott Whitlock\’s piece at, CBS did almost 5 minutes on ObamaCare this morning, referring to “the failed roll out of and the White House\’s desperate effort to fix the web site debacle.”

Yes, Charlie Rose did spin the poll data he presented, to make it seem that the 50% who said ObamaCare had good things in it but needed changes to make it better were happy with it (which is not necessarily true at all:  good things can be found in just about any legislation, even bad legislation). 

But he also pointed out that 42% of the sample said it should be repealed outright, and just 6% said it was working well.  If you watched either of the other two networks, you would not know a thing about this.

So if I wore a hat, it would be off to CBS —  on the theory that even just half a loaf, is a half a loaf more than nothing.

As for NBC and ABC?  Keep up the charade, guys.  Since the public, by and large, is not buying what you\’re selling, all you\’re accomplishing is the trashing of what reputations you have left.  Which ain\’t much.

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