Here, from Jazz Shaw’s article at, is the latest news from either Spain or Catalonia (depending on how you feel about the province’s declaration of independence):

As Ed (Morrissey) reported yesterday, Catalonia took the final step of formally declaring their independence on Friday. This led to all sorts of cheering in the streets of that region of Spain, but the jubilation is likely to be short-lived. Less than 24 hours later, Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy was given permission by the legislature to invoke a rare constitutional measure and dissolve the government of the autonomous region and discharge all of their elected leaders.

Is Spain poised for civil war?  Obviously the answer is “yes”, in that this is a direct path to it.

But whether a civil war will actually occur is not at all certain.   This may be one of those times that events lead to a result, but the result does not materialize.

In other words, it is possible that Spain and the people of Catalonia can settle their differences without violence.

I certainly hope so…but can’t say I’m at all confident.

To be continued.

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