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What happened to the “fact” that Canada, unlike the United States under that neanderthal Donald Trump, is benevolent and welcoming to undocumented Mexican “immigrants”?

From Anna Mehler Paperny’s article for Reuters, via

Canada’s border authorities detained more Mexicans in the first 67 days of 2017 than they did annually in any of the three previous years, according to statistics obtained by Reuters.

The spike comes immediately after Canada’s federal government lifted its visa requirement for Mexican citizens in December.

Many Mexicans looking north have shifted their focus from the United States to Canada as President Donald Trump vows to crack down on America’s undocumented immigrants, about half of whom are Mexican. On Friday, Reuters reported, immigration judges were reassigned to 12 U.S. cities to speed up deportation.

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) said it detained 444 Mexican nationals between Jan. 1 and March 8, compared with 410 for all of 2016, 351 for 2015, and 399 for 2014.

The CBSA can detain foreign nationals if it is believed they pose a danger to the public, if their identity is unclear or if they are deemed unlikely to appear for removal or for a proceeding.

I guess Canada, in its own way, is about as thrilled with illegals showing up at its border as the Trump admnistration is.  And, since there is little doubt that, because of Trump’s crackdown, the number of such illegals trying to get into Canada is going to grow exponentially.

Funny how a proliferation of illegals trying to get into your country reminds you that there is a reason to have borders….

Oh, one other thing:  if you think Canada, or the United States, is being harsh on illegals who come from Mexico, I suggest you read up on how Mexico treats illegals who cross its borders.  You can start by reading this.

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