Let me start by pointing out that the title of this blog is not mine.  It is the title of John C. Goodman’s latest commentary at

And, a little too much hyperbole aside, it is one terrific analysis of why Donald Trump appears to be attracting an increasing number of Black voters.

Here are a couple of key excerpts:

The Democratic Party has a long history of race baiting as elections draw near. No, Trayvon Martin was not killed by a white assailant with an animus toward blacks. No, Michael Brown did not say “hands up, don’t shoot.” No, George Bush did not side with the racists who chained James Byrd to a pickup truck and dragged him to his death.

But if you are an African American, you have probably heard these myths repeated time and again – on black radio, on black TV, and perhaps even in church. They are repeated often at election time. Hillary Clinton even had the mothers of Martin and Brown sitting on the stage with her at the national convention when she was nominated to be the Democratic candidate for president.

No, Donald Trump did not say white supremacists are good people. But that doesn’t stop the latest message conveyed by the hatemongers: If Donald Trump and the Republicans have their way, you could end up like George Floyd.

All this rhetoric has one and only one purpose: to make black voters angry enough to vote for Democrats. 

In the current race, Donald Trump is approaching black voters with a different message: school choice, safe neighborhoods, enterprise zones, liberating the job market, etc. This message is focused on public policies, not on race-baiting rhetoric.

In fact, Trump is the first Republican candidate in modern times to seriously compete for black votes at all.

Will that strategy work? We’ll see.

There is a lot more worthwhile material in this commentary.  I urge you to use the link I’ve provided above and read every word.

Consider what Mr. Goodman says (which, as regular readers certainly know, parallels a lot of what I have been saying for some time).  Think about how it can impact on voters – especially Black (and Latino) voters.

Then we’ll both see how it plays out on election day.  Fair enough?

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  • Will They Succeed?
    The media are doing everything in their power to make sure that their preferred candidate wins — and that their arch enemy Trump loses. They’re coddling Biden, refusing to ask him any hard questions about his policies, his plans, or his family being investigated for money laundering. As a friend told my husband, “It’s like watching someone make sure a three-year-old wins CandyLand.”

    They’ve gone overtime to influence public opinion with their emphasis on polls, despite the problems with those polls. They’ve hidden Trump accomplishments and enthusiasm. They’ve pushed outlandish conspiracy theories that many Americans believe to this day. And they’ve encouraged social media companies to suppress conservative arguments.

    Will that be enough for them to win the day? People will find out next week. But the half of the country that the media are rigging the game against can’t be happy about what they’ve seen this year. And nobody who cares about a free and functioning country should tolerate what they’ve done.

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