Here is our latest installment of campus insanity (a series I could write about every day – the amount of material is overwhelming).  It comes to us from Evergreen State College in Washington – the school that gave us Palestinian Arab martyr Rachel Corrie.

Excerpted from Scott Greer’s article at

Evergreen State College biology professor Bret Weinstein learned the severe consequences of opposing campus leftists this week.

Weinstein originally caused a ruckus on his very-liberal Washington state university when he sensibly opposed an event that required all whites to depart from the campus for a day. He called the idea a “show of force and an act of oppression.”

For voicing this opinion and being white himself, Weinstein was branded a racist and hounded by campus agitators who demanded his termination. On Thursday, the biology professor had to conduct his class off-campus due to police telling him it wasn’t safe for the mild academic to appear at his place of work.

Do you really need deep analysis of from me or anyone else to see what’s wrong with this picture?

See, overt racism is no problem at all at Evergreen – and at countless colleges and universities around the country…..provided it is the “good” kind of racism.

“Good” racism is racism directed against White people, predominantly White males.  That is not only acceptable, but demanded at schools like Evergreen.

I have posted numbers of blogs about this insanity over the past few years.  Like this one.  And this one.  Ad infinitum.  This is just the latest.  And it is every bit as odious as all the others.

The straightest line to prejudice, intolerance and racial hatred is seeing people as components of groups, rather than as the individuals we all are.   Sadly, that is a lesson they won’t be teaching at Evergreen this semester.

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