In case you didn’t think the ability of illegal aliens to vote in California (get a driver’s license, then register) made its elections fraudulent enough, we have this, from Brooks Jarosz’s article for KTVU-TV (the Fox affiliate in San Francisco):

There is a loophole that potentially allows California voters to cast two ballots and some local elections officials say that they are powerless to stop it.

Hundreds of voters have attempted to vote more than once because the state’s automated system sends a new vote-by-mail ballot if personal information or party preference changes.

The issue has gone largely unaddressed for nearly four years, opening the door to potential voter fraud. The California Secretary of State has ignored calls to fix the flaw, leaving the responsibility up to counties to police thousands of votes.

What’s that?  A loophole that allows double-voting?  And Secretary of State Alex Padilla has spent years ignoring it/looking the other way?

That, folks, is today’s California…or, if we’re talking about voting, Califraudia.

Hey, here’s an idea:  why not replace the feces which cover the streets of San Francisco and Los Angeles with the ballots described above?  It’s not like anyone will be able to tell the difference…

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