Please read this excerpt from Marc Caputo’s article at  Then try to imagine how media would be treating it if the moneybag reaching into his beyond-fat wallet were Republican – say, Sheldon Adelson or one or another of the Koch brothers:

Billionaire philanthropist Michael Bloomberg is preparing to spend at least $500 million from his own pocket to deny President Trump a second term, according to Democratic operatives briefed on his plans. …

“That’ll get us through the first few months,” Kevin Sheekey, a top advisor to the former New York City mayor, told POLITICO when asked about the $500 million plan, which is just 1 percent of Bloomberg’s estimated net worth.

The article goes on to remind readers that Bloomberg spent $100 million dollars of his own money to change New York city’s two-term limit law and buy himself a third term as Mayor.

So why not pump in just 1% of his $50 billion dollar net worth (he makes Donald Trump look like a pauper by comparison) to buy a presidential election as well, whether for him or one of his Democrat cronies?

I’ll end this blog the way I began it. Think about what media would be saying if a mega-rich Republican were considering exactly the same thing. Then compare it to what mainstream media is saying about Michael Bloomberg.

Consider it lesson (approximately) 80,724 in why fewer and fewer people trust them anymore.

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