Broward County, Florida.  A hotbed of Democrat politics.  And nary an instance of voter fraud, right?


Excerpted from Larry Barszewski’s illuminating, and telling, article in the Orlando Sun-Sentinel:

Broward County could have thousands of ineligible voters on its rolls, increasing the risk of voter fraud, because its election officials don’t do enough to keep the lists accurate, according to a national group that has challenged voter rolls across the country.

In a lawsuit, the American Civil Rights Union, a conservative group started by a former official in President Ronald Reagan’s administration, contends that in recent years Broward’s voting lists have included more names than the number of voting-age people living in the county.

The ACRU wants Bloom to order Broward Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes to be more proactive in cleaning up the voter lists. The suit could set a nationwide precedent for how aggressive elected officials have to be to ensure that non-citizens and people who move, die, become felons or are mentally incapacitated are purged from the rolls. The group’s efforts around the country have been criticized as a voter suppression effort that could snare eligible voters, too. 

The suit is a “poorly devised solution to a problem that does simply not exist,” said Carrie Apfel, a Washington D.C. attorney for the SEIU United Healthcare Workers union, which has intervened in the case on behalf of Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes. The union is concerned that if the suit is successful, it could erroneously cost some of its members the right to vote, Apfel said.

The ACRU is being represented by attorney Christian Adams, who was appointed this month to President Trump’s Commission on Election Integrity, which Trump created after claiming that he lost the popular vote because millions of people voted illegally. Adams is also president of the Public Interest Legal Foundation, a conservative nonprofit group that says it exists “to aid the cause of election integrity and fight against lawlessness in American elections.”

 In opening statements Tuesday, Adams said the ACRU has identified more than 100 counties across the country that show more registered voters than those counties have people of voting age.

Steven Camarotta, a demographer for the Center for Immigration Studies who specializes in analyzing U.S. Census Bureau data, testified his review of population data showed the county’s voter rolls amounted to 108.5 percent of voting-age residents in 2010 and 96.7 percent in 2014. But Apfel called that data “misleading and unreliable” and said it relied on “inflated numbers.”

Well, there you go.  Don’t aggressively work at updating voter lists and removing people who should not be there, because you might remove some people who should be there too.

Tell you what:  remove the people who shouldn’t be there, and have any legitimate voter who was erroneously removed appeal, and be reinstated.  That solves the problem right there.

But no.  We don’t want that.  No matter what effort is made to significantly update voter rolls and make them more accurate (more legitimate?) is emphatically contested…

…by one political party.  The Democrat Party.

When an effort is made to have voter rolls be more accurate, and one party alone challenges it every way it can, what does that tell you?

If it doesn’t tell you that party a) believes there is illegal voting going on which b) benefits it far more than the opposition party, you need some serious help with your common sense.

I wish Mr. Adams and his group every possible success.  The more accurate voter rolls are, the more of a Democracy we are.

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