President Trump is taking a lot of heat for his tweet regarding the unreliability of mail-in ballots.

While there certainly are two sides to this story, it might be good for some of his detractors to read the article at CBS-2’s website, which discusses how mail-in balloting worked out in New York State’s primaries this year.

Here is a key excerpt:

Voters stood in line for hours for the June 23 primary, and an overwhelming number mailed in absentee ballots, but it wasn’t until Monday that the board of elections counted the last vote. That’s five weeks after the election.

Suraj Patel is one of many candidates who waited anxiously for the results.

“Vote by mail is absolutely necessary. The question is making sure we do it right,” Patel told CBS2’s Aundrea Cline-Thomas.

Ultimately, he was defeated in the 12th Congressional District.

Patel is accepting the outcome but says the absentee process desperately needs reforms.

“We know that nearly 25% of people who actually went through the trouble of requesting a ballot, getting it, voting and dropping it in the mail will not have their ballots counted,” he said.

No final count for over a month?  25% of the mail-in votes not counting?  And this is BEFORE we get to the obvious ways that mail-in voting can be compromised intentionally?

Anyone still wondering why President Trump is less than taken with massive mail-in voting?  Why everyone who wants a fair election should have major concerns?

I am not against mail-in voting per se.  But I am concerned about it being done on a mass scale without major safeguards that, it seems to me must be devised and implemented before such voting takes place.

At the very least, let’s look at the several states with the most experience in mail-in balloting (five –  Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington and Utah – are exclusively mail-in states), see what they have done, see what has and hasn’t worked, and structure accordingly.

Fair enough?

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