This example of the non-existent voter fraud we keep hearing about comes to us from Jack Crowe”s article at nationalreview.com (What?  Did you expect I’d find it on a network website?  In the New York Times, or Washington Post, or…etc.?)

Sherikia Hawkins was charged Monday with six felony counts for allegedly altering absentee ballots during the November 2018 election in her capacity as city clerk for the Detroit suburb of Southfield, Mich.

Hawkins, a 38-year-old registered Democrat, stands accused of altering 193 absentee ballots. She was arraigned Monday in Southfield on charges including falsifying returns or records, forgery of a public record, misconduct in office, and multiple counts of using a computer to commit a crime. She was released on $15,000 bond.

I don’t understand.  How can this be?  Aren’t we told all the time that voter fraud is so rare it barely ever happens?

How, then, can I be doing a continuing series on voter fraud?  That’s impossible.  Unless…..

….somehow I doubt you need me to figure out the end of this blog.

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