Have you read Wayne Allen Root’s latest piece at townhall.com?

You really should…especially if you are one of the folks who has been conned into believing there’s no such thing as voter fraud, or that it is so minimal it doesn’t matter.

Here are a few key parts – but please, please use the above link and read every word:

 Somehow I wound up on the text message list for a group claiming to be the Nevada Democratic Party and multiple liberal organizations looking to “get out the vote.”

The texts I’m getting are so vile, hateful and disgusting even I’m in shock. And it takes a lot to shock me. But even worse than the slander and hate speech is the fact that Democrats are clearly engaged in a voter fraud conspiracy. 

These texts from liberal groups claim that we must vote for Democrats because Trump and Nevada U.S. Senator Dean Heller “will deport and jail your family. Trump and Heller hate Mexicans. Vote.”

Well since I can only be deported if I’m here illegally, Democrats are clearly aiming these texts directly at illegal aliens. But isn’t it a crime for illegals to vote? 

These texts actually said and I quote…

“F—K Trump. Stupid Republican retard. Trump is the anti-christ. Trump loves misery and hates Mexicans. Trump wants you to die. Trump wants to murder Mexicans.”

How’s THAT for divisive and hateful?

And here’s the most damning one of all- The liberal groups are urging their supporters to break the law. They say and I quote, “You can vote once early and once on election day.”

Then they stress multiple times “NO ID REQUIRED” and you don’t need to speak English. 

Folks this is organized voter fraud being urged by liberal organizations. 

It’s clear these texts are all aimed at illegal aliens- who of course are prohibited from voting under the laws of the United States of America. 

I have all the texts and phone numbers if any politician or government agency is actually interested in Democrats coordinating voter fraud and criminal activity.

No voter fraud?  What a joke.

Anyone who believes that needs a common sense transplant.

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