Rowan Scarborough, writing for the Washington Examiner, has put together about as complete a summary of the charges against President Trump which prompted the mueller “investigation” and how they have not panned out, as I have seen.

I urge you to click here and read it.  Every word.

Meanwhile, here is just a sampling:

⦁ Accusation: The Trump campaign was a partner in an “extensive conspiracy” with the Kremlin to interfere in the 2016 election.

Today: There is no confirmed public evidence. No Trump person has been charged in such a conspiracy. Mr. Mueller’s office informed President Trump that he isn’t a target.

⦁ Accusation: Then-Trump attorney Michael Cohen secretly traveled to Prague in August 2016 and met with Putin aides to organize cash payments to hush up hackers who infiltrated Democratic Party computers.*

Today: There is no confirmed public evidence. Cohen, who has pleaded guilty to tax evasion charges and is cooperating with Mr. Mueller, still vehemently denies he ever went to Prague. No court filings indicate he has any knowledge of Trump collusion, and he has said he doesn’t.

⦁ Accusation: Carter Page met with two Putin operatives and discussed a brokerage fee in return for pushing an end to U.S. sanctions on wealthy Russians and businesses.

Today: Pro-Russia energy investor Mr. Page embarked on perhaps the most suspicious course of action when he traveled to Moscow to deliver a public college speech in July 2106. He once worked in Moscow as a Merrill Lynch banker.

The FBI wiretapped him for one year based largely on the dossier. No evidence has emerged publicly that he ever met with Putin people or discussed bribes. He has told the FBI and Congress that he didn’t. He has not been charged.

As time goes on (we’re closing in on two years of the mueller “investigation” and three years of accusations against Trump) it becomes more and more clear that this was a deep state-induced witch hunt, bought and paid for by the Clinton campaign and put together by a succession of people at the FBI and Department of Justice who have since been demoted and fired  (none of whom are facing criminal charges, of course.  Wrong party.)

Yes, mueller’s one-party Star Chamber (a staff of 16, comprised of 13 Democrats/no Republicans, including several who specifically contributed to the Clinton campaign) has a few notches on their belts.  But not one conviction or plea has a thing to do with collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.  Zero.

Isn’t collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia what they were supposedly investigating?

Is there any doubt that if mueller and his crew had anything of any substance on Trump we would have heard about it by now?  Well, other than accusations without facts to back them up by ridiculous liars like adam schiff, james clapper and john brennan, what have we heard?

So, should we be happy about the fact that Michael Isikoff admits the Steele dossier – i.e. the basis for mueller’s witch hunt – is “likely false?  Or outraged that a FISA court was jobbed into accepting this Hillary Clinton opposition research BS as the basis to put Trump and the people around him through a ringer?

Your call.


*Last week, one media source, the McClatchy group, put up a claim that there was evidence Cohen was in Prague.  Not one other media venue – including the ones who hate Trump – did so, because the information was completely second and third-hand, with no corroboration.

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