How serious is Michael Bloomberg about running for President?

Well, on Thursday he filed federal papers which declare he is a candidate.

And, this morning, NBC “news” is reporting that he has raided his petty cash drawer (the man is worth over $50 billion dollars) to buy $24 million dollars worth of advertising in key primary states – including Florida, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

I’m sure Joe Biden is sending along his best wishes (feel free to wipe the sarcasm off your screen any time you care to).

But what is Bloomberg actually up to – other than knocking Joe Biden’s 28th bid to be President (ok, a slight exaggeration) to kingdom come?

Remember:  despite what you just read, there still is no formal declaration.  So we don’t know for certain that he is really running.

And even if he is, can Bloomberg’s immensely vast fortune/ability to outspend any or all of his opponents buy the nomination in today’s left wing-run Democrat Party?

We’ll soon find out.

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