Let’s start with the first two paragraphs of Simon Kent’s article at

Democrat presidential aspirant and self-described “global leader” on the environment, Michael Bloomberg, flew to Spain on Monday and joined the U.N. COP25 talks to deliver the message the U.S. is “still in” with globalist plans for climate action.

It is not clear if Bloomberg, who has pledged to end the American coal industry, flew across the Atlantic in his $42 million Dassault Falcon 900 private plane which he used while he was mayor of New York City to commute from his Bermuda mansion.

Y’know,  Let’s end with these paragraphs as well.

What can I say that would more clearly demonstrate the bloviational hypocrisy of a man who flies in a private jet, owns an offshore mansion – along with who knows how many other such conveyances and residences – telling us to be careful about how we consume energy?

Enjoy Spain, Mr. Bloomberg.  And be sure to show us what a diligent steward you are of our limited energy resources by flying coach on the way back.

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