Yesterday I blogged about Michael Bloomberg buying about $24 million of air time and filing papers to join the Democrat nomination fray.

Today, according to Justine Coleman’s article at, that amount is not $24 million, it’s $31 million…

…and he has already run an ad in Tallahassee, Florida and New York City announcing that, yes, he is running.

This changes everything.

Not because Bloomberg is a particularly attractive candidate.  He isn’t.

But, since (comparatively speaking, of course) Bloomberg’s personal worth makes Trump look like a pauper, he may be able to “buy” the Democrat nomination by simply outspending everyone…much as he bought his third term as New York City Mayor by spending over $100 million dollars as an independent, to beat Democrat opponent Bill Thompson (by just 5% – suggesting that,without his wealth, he would have lost).

Can Bloomberg do the same in 2020 – i.e. to toss around enough money so that he can run roughshod over his Democrat opposition?  And, if so, will he be able to overcome being:

-a 78 year old (so much for the age issue vs. 73 year old Donald Trump),

 -a rich New York Jew* (talk about stereotypes!),

-who will have made enemies of his primary opponents by “buying” the election from them,

-will have major problems with the Democrat far left base because, compared to them, he is a moderate/conservative,

-and will have huge problems among Black voters (because he instituted/avidly supported the “stop and frisk” policy as mayor, which was aimed mostly at minority communities, and because he beat Bill Thompson, a highly qualified Black candidate (City Comptroller, former head of the Board of Education) by massively outspending him to win the 2009 election?

It seems to me that a Bloomberg candidacy is just what the doctor ordered for Donald Trump.

-If Bloomberg makes it, he’s got the truckload of baggage described above;

-If Bloomberg doesn’t make it, he will, almost certainly, have depleted the financial resources of the eventual candidate, and his inevitable attack ads against that candidate are sure to be exploited by Trump in the ensuing campaign.

Bottom Line?  Whether Michael Bloomberg does or does not become the Democrat nominee, President Trump owes him a big steak dinner.


*Before anyone unfamiliar with this blog assumes that comment is, in any way, meant to suggest that I am sympathetic to the negative inference this would impart to some voters, please be advised that, absent the the word “rich” (sorry to say), it describes me as well.

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  • huge problems among Black voters (because of his avid support of “stop and frisk” policy

    I’m not sure that will cost him all that much. I think the minority voters in those areas were happy to have the gangs taken down a bit.

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