Apropos of nothing political…

…my wife and I, with friends, saw “Blinded By The Light” last night.

“Blinded By The Light” is about a boy of Pakistani ancestry, living in the working-class Luton, UK, who is overtaken by the lyrics of Bruce Springsteen’s songs, which change his life.  It is “inspired by a true story” (i.e. it is a fictionalized version of a real person’s experiences).

The movie, which has an excellent cast, led by Viveik Kalra (whom I never heard of until yesterday), is terrific.  It is both highly entertaining, and worthwhile for the way it addresses a number of current social issues.

Please note that, despite the fact that we live maybe 15-20 minutes from Bruce Springsteen’s home and my wife had a long association with someone very close to him, I have never been a fan of Springsteen’s music and could not name more than a few songs he wrote/sang.

I mention this to establish that my feelings about the movie are not colored by fandom for Springsteen.  I’m just providing an honest review of a very entertaining movie you might be interested in seeing.

OK, back to politics —  where too many of its practitioners think they were “Born To Run”, when, in reality, we would do better to be running from them.


    • I was unaware of the movie but just read about it on and In both places, the critics are no more than mixed, but most moviegoers like it a lot…
      …which reminds me again of W. C. Fields’ insightful comment: “Why would you agree with a movie critic, they don’t even agree with each other”.

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