What’s going on over at Newsweek?

This is the second time in short order that I am extracting logical, fact-based material from this decidedly anti-Trump remnant that might give someone a positive disposition toward his re-election.

Here are the opening paragraphs of Ben Weingarten’s just-published article, discussing Joe Biden’s long-time affinity for/encouragement of Communist China:

During his UNGA speech, President Trump excoriated the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for having “unleashed this plague [the coronavirus] on the world,” with an assist from the CCP-captured World Health Organization. He demanded that the UN hold China accountable for its actions.

This was the kind of direct attack on the PRC at a preeminent international forum that no predecessor in the post-Richard Nixon era, save perhaps President Ronald Reagan, would have dared make.

Certainly, Trump’s current opponent wouldn’t. While President Trump drew a straight line from the CCP to America’s losses—in blood, treasure and liberties—candidate Biden has made no such case. On the contrary, as displayed during the Democratic National Convention, he and the party he putatively leads have given the CCP a pass by portraying President Trump as the party culpable for the pandemic.

Biden and his party do so notwithstanding the fact that they opposed the president’s China travel ban, called in the early days of the pandemic, which undoubtedly prevented still-worse casualties; that the states that suffered the highest death rates attributable to coronavirus were, and are, led by Democrats; and that the Trump administration, as the president detailed in his UNGA speech, launched and executed a rapid, World War II-like mobilization to combat the coronavirus, poised to potentially culminate in the delivery of a vaccine in record time.

I read those words with both pleasure and disgust:  pleasure that someone – in this case, Ben Weingarten writing for Newsweek – brushed past the political BS and leftward partisan posturing to tell the truth about Joe Biden’s undeniable, long-time ties to China…

… and disgust that, among our current media, Mr. Weingarten’s facts and truths are an anomaly, a departure from the standard-issue drumbeat against Trump, even when he is doing and saying the right things.

Thank you, Mr. Weingarten.  Than you, Newsweek.  And shame on the media “journalists” who suppress and bury such information (along with their professionalism and integrity) in an effort to get rid of Donald Trump and install a cognitively challenged puppet in the White House.

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