This past week, President Obama – who had already spent 6 years making his dislike of Israel and loathing of its current Prime Minister, Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu, just about as clear as he could…made it even clearer. 

Mr. Obama will not meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu when he comes to the USA to address a joint session of congress in March….despite the fact that the Middle East is exploding (due, in no small part, to the failure of Barack Obama\’s policies) and Israel is in far greater danger than it was just a short time ago.

Most people, I suspect, see this as Obama snubbing Netanyahu because his wiwoo sensibiwities were bwoosed by Netanyahu\’s acceptance of Boehner\’s invitation.  But he has offered two different reasons:

1)  Mr. Obama complains that proper protocol was breached when Speaker of the House John Boehner invited Mr. Netanyahu to speak before congress, and Netanyahu accepted (this from a President whose idea of “proper protocol” appears to be pretending that neither the congress nor the congressional responsibilities assigned to it exist), and

2) in any event, the meeting would occur just weeks before the Israeli elections,  and as a “long-standing policy” he does not want to interfere with those elections.


Mr. Obama has either sent -.or, at any rate did not stop his people from sending – a team of Obama apparatchiks, lead by his Field Director, Jeremy Bird, to Israel.  Their apparent mission:  to help unseat Mr. Netanyahu in the election…which, he has told us, his long-standing policy prevents him from interfering with.

I would, at this point, ask if Barack Obama ever tells the truth about anything, but I\’m sort of hoping you\’re already asking the same question without me.

Anyway, the reason I mention all this is because Mr. Obama\’s actions appear to be having a significant effect on the election.  But not the one he hoped for.

Excerpted from Joel B. Pollak\’s article at…and please pay particular attention to the last paragraph, which I\’ve put in bold print:

IsraeliPrime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is enjoying a surge in the latestopinion polls of Israeli voters. The JerusalemPostreportsthat its latest poll shows Bibi\’s party, the Likud, is leadingthe race for the first time in weeks. Other polls agree,and show the Likud leading its rival, the Zionist Union, whichis a combination of the Labor and Hatnua parties.

The Postattributes Netanyahu\’s improved showing to the cross-borderconflict with Hezbollah, which attacked Israeli soldiers earlier thisweek, killing two. The attack was a retaliation, likely orchestratedby Iran, for Israel\’s strike on a Hezbollah convoy in the SyrianGolan Heights earlier this month, in which an Iranian brigadiergeneral was also killed.

However,this is also a week in which Netanyahu has been the target ofwithering criticism from the American and Israeli left over hisdecision to accept Speaker of the House John Boehner\’s invitationto address Congress in March. If that has harmed Netanyahu, it hasnot prevented him from taking the lead-and it may even have ralliedIsraeli voters around him.

There is no doubt that taking out a terrorist convoy, which included an Iranian General, was seen in positive terms by Israelis. But there is also no doubt that Israel\’s public opinion, which has been enormously negative toward Barack Obama – especially since he facilitated the lifting of sanctions against Iran – is a major contributor as well.

I am no campaign professional.  But, in my capacity as avocational blogger, I would strongly recommend to Benjamin Netanyahu that he make President Obama\’s apparent effort to remove him from office a keystone of his campaign. 

I would advise Mr. Netanyahu to make a point of identifying the people sent on Mr. Obama\’s behalf by name, explaining what their activities have been in the states, reminding voters that they have been sent to help his opponents, and asking if Israelis really want an Israeli government which owes its existence to the people who sent them.

Looks like a winning strategy to me.  How about you?

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