Does the the title of this blog confuse you?

Not to worry:  it is explained in the following excerpt from an article at the website for ABC’s Boston affiliate, WVB:

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has a simple explanation for why he’s trailing Hillary Clinton in the race for the White House: Poor people don’t vote.

In an interview for NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Sanders says the fact that poor people don’t vote is a “sad reality of American society.” He says that while his campaign has done a good job of bringing out young people, he says he’s had only some success with lower-income Americans.

Sanders predicts that if voter turnout could be significantly increased so that low-income people, working people and younger people participated, “this country would be radically transformed.”

You’ve got to love this.  Bernie Sanders is losing because poor people love him (as they should, since his entire platform seems to be giving them things for free), but they don’t come out to vote for him.

Who’s fault is that, Bernie?  Who is standing in front of the polls stopping them from voting?

In other words, what’s your point?

If I were a Republican, I know what the point would be.  I’d be pointing out to voters that Bernie Sanders accuses Hillary Clinton of being the candidate of the rich.  That when she attacks Republicans that way, it is meaningless because she herself is an elitist candidate.

I would then remind voters of the Wall Street giants who paid her over $200,000 a pop to make those speeches…and that she won’t tell anyone – including poor people – what she said that made them so happy they were willing to pay her all that money.

The best way to win an election is to make your opponent pay for his/her own words and actions.  Republicans should thank Bernie Sanders for helping to give them such a great opportunity to do so.

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