How is Bernie Sanders doing these days?

Here’s your answer, via Gregory Krieg and Ryan Nobles’ article at

Sen. Bernie Sanders plans to return home to Vermont in the coming days before taking part in the next Democratic primary debate, his campaign said on Thursday, as he recovers in a Las Vegas hospital following a heart procedure.

Jane Sanders said in a statement Thursday afternoon that her husband is “up and about” and has not undergone any “additional procedures” since having two stents inserted after doctors discovered a blockage in one artery.
Speaking to reporters outside the hospital, she said the senator plans to leave the hospital this weekend.


78 years old, just rushed to the hospital for a heart condition, in the hospital for a week….and then back home for convalescence before heading to the next debate – which he promises to be there fore, but who knows?

Does in any way suggest Bernie Sanders is a viable candidate for President?  Someone who would be able to withstand the rigors of a grueling campaign and then four years of constant maxi-pressure?

Of course not.  It’s over.

And even if Bernie decides to pretend otherwise and plods on a little bit longer, that changes nothing.  He would be like James Carville’s description of the chicken with his head cut off: “The chicken is dead. The only person that don’t know it is the chicken.”

Elizabeth Warren – at least as hard-left as Bernie Sanders is, thus the major political beneficiary of his health issues (at least as of now) – sends her condolences, I’m sure.

Oh, one other thing:   under the so called “medicare for all” health care system that Bernie Sanders so avidly promotes, how fast would he have gotten into the hospital?  How fast would he have been given those quite possibly life-saving stents? At age 78, would he have been given them at all?

That is something for Bernie Sanders to think about. And something for you to think about just as much.

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  • I saw a report about Kamala Harris and how as DA
    she was extremely corrupt.
    I looked for a study about prosecution rate changes
    but couldn’t find one.
    For instance, when a black DA replaces a white DA
    is there any change in prosecution rates of whites and blacks?

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