You’ve heard of Back To The Future? Well here is a taste of Ahead To The Past.

From Andrew Kerr’s article at, we have this:

Dozens of Democratic superdelegates say they’re willing to sacrifice party cohesion to prevent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders from becoming their party’s nominee at the Democratic National Convention in July.

The New York Times spoke with 93 superdelegates following Sanders’s victory in the Nevada caucuses on Feb. 22, the vast majority of which said they believe the Democratic Party is headed toward a contested convention. Of the superdelegates interviewed, 84 said Sanders does not deserve to become the party’s nominee based solely on having secured the most, but not over 50%, of the delegates during the primaries and caucuses.

Uh oh.

Is it not clear that the Democrat Party is desperately fearful of trotting out socialist Bernie Sanders as its 2020 presidential nominee?

And is not also clear that, if Sanders is screwed out of the nomination – as a good case can be made that he was in 2016 – his supporters will be mega-enraged?   That a great many are likely to take it out on the party that spurned him, thus them?   That a great many of them will either sit out the election or vote for Sanders as a write-in?

But wait; there’s more.

What about the down-ballot races? How many Democrats will this cost in the House and Senate?  Enough to give the House back to Republicans?

And how many of them will think “third party” and never come back?

Speaking bluntly, this could well be a screwing that cannot be unscrewed.

That’s a little something for Democrat power brokers to think long and hard about before they do what it looks like they just might do.

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