“Congratulations” to the city of Baltimore.

On November 30, with shooting death #319 for the year, Baltimore tied its full-year record for 2016.

And, with a month to go, the city has a fair to middling chance of breaking its all-time record of 344, which was set in 2015.

That, readers, is the Freddy Gray legacy.  Gray, a Black 25 year old, was a career criminal/drug dealer with dozens of arrests under his belt.  He was picked up by police on April 12, 2015, became fatally injured in the police van and died a week later.  Gray’s death sparked riots, complete with massive property damage, arson and looting.

Despite the fact that the injuries Gray succumbed to may well have been self-inflicted, and the six officers charged with, but not convicted of, various Gray-related crimes were multi-racial (three White,  three Black)…

… his death was turned into a racial incident by the POPPA (Professionally Oppressed, Perpetually Pissed Off) crowd – joined happily by the city’s Mayor and a prosecutor intent on turning it into a signature career-making case.

Well, what actually happened after the riots/arson/looting, was that the Mayor declined to run again – her political career may well be over – and the prosecutor came out looking like a buffoon on steroids- with legal action pending against her.

And, of course, the police, fearful of being Freddygrayed if they engaged in aggressive enforcement, now are far less effective in addressing crime…which leads to the murder rate noted at the beginning of this blog.

And the ultimate irony?  Since the preponderance of murderers and murder victims in Baltimore are Black, what this has “accomplished” is to make innocent Black citizens dramatically more vulnerable to the Black criminals who prey on their neighborhoods and who, I assure you, don’t think twice about racial justice when they do so.

Great job, Baltimore.  You sure showed us how it’s done.

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