Did you know that in Atlanta, from May 31 to June 20, more than twice the number of shootings, and more than twice the number of fatalities took place compared to last year?

Does the fact that Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms did a de blasio on the city’s police force (i.e made it clear she did not have their backs) and that the 15 member city council voted only 8-7 not to defund the police, have something to do with this?

His it been communicated to the Atlanta police force that the less they do, the safer they – NOT the city, but they – are?  The less likely that they will be disciplined, maybe fired and charged, for actions that, it can be argued, were nothing more than protecting themselves from a career criminal who attacks them, steals their taser gun and starts shooting it at them (for reference, see Rayshard Brooks)?

From Paul Mirengoff’s article at, we have this:

The upsurge in violence is likely the result of plummeting police morale, which the city’s mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms, admitted “is down ten-fold.” And why shouldn’t morale have plummeted? It’s clear that, as the head of the police union in Atlanta says, the city doesn’t have the officers’ backs.

Scores of cops have called in sick, and “proactive” policing is now largely nonexistent. According to the union chief, “officers will respond to high-level calls and protecting each other,” but that’s about it.

Criminals know this, so it’s not surprising that they are taking advantage of the situation to shoot one another and anyone else who gets in the way.

I believe Mayor Bottoms gets this. However, she may have lost the good will (and then some) she obtained by pushing through a pay raise for the police when she fired officer Rolfe without a thorough investigation after the killing of Brooks.

As for the city council, it seems clueless. Only by a vote of 8-7 did it decide not to withhold funding from the police as a way to force “reforms.”

Now, the council has its reform. The police force has backed off. Black lives are being lost as a result.

Does Mr. Mirengoff have a point – not just about police morale but about the resulting loss of Black lives (Black Atlantans disproportionately being both the perpetrators and victims of violent crime in the city)?

Does anyone really need to ask?

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