….I thought you might be interested in Hillary Clinton’s as well.

First let’s talk about The Donald.  According to the invaluable web site, an average of every major poll about Mr,. Trump conducted from March 19th to the present time, shows him with 28.4% positive, versus 65.4% negative:  a difference of -37%.

It doesn’t get much uglier than that.    And the fact that it comes amid a torrent of almost universally negative media coverage aimed Mr. Trump’s way – a very large percentage of which is richly deserved – does not change the fact that this is how he is perceived by the public.

But what about Hillary Clinton?  How is she doing?

As with Mr. Trump, Ms. Clinton’s current average is drawn from the polls taken between March 19th and the present.  So I decided to compare those data with the same time period one year ago (I can’t do the same for Trump; his polling does not go back that far…but, as you will see further on, I did so for the earliest polls I could find – from May through June of last year).

Last year, the realclearpolitics average of every major poll conducted from March 21 (the closest date) to the end of April showed Ms. Clinton with an average of 45.6% favorable and 46.2 unfavorable:  a difference of less than 1% negative.
That is not good at all – politicians obviously want to be seen in a favorable light – though not a horror show like Donald Trump’s.
But this year?  The average of every major poll conducted between March 19th and the present, shows Hillary Clinton at 38.4% positive and 54.9% negative: a difference of -16.5%.

That IS a horror show.  And, let’s remember, it includes almost an entire year of campaigning (Ms. Clinton declared last April 12th), during which she talked up her qualifications and accomplishments…and during which most mainstream media were dramatically more supportive of her than they ever would be for Donald Trump.

By comparison, Donald Trump’s May-June polls last year show him with an average favorable rating of 25.2%, and 61.2% unfavorable:  a difference of  -36%.

So, yes, Donald Trump’s numbers are in the toilet.  That is undeniable.  It is also undeniable that, based on the polls, almost a year of his trademark attacking/antagonizing/bloviating has not improved Mr. Trump’s position at all.

But it is also true that Hillary Clinton, though in much better shape favorability-wise than Donald Trump, is in the toilet as well, just less far down.  And, while Trump is holding steady (how much further down could he go?), Clinton is dropping like a…

…well, we’re talking toilets here, so I don’t want to say.

Anyway, there are the nunbers.  Make of them what you will.

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