….we have this, excerpted from Jeanne Sahadi and Katie Lobosco’s article at (of all places), via CBS News-Boston:

(CNN Money) — The U.S. Treasury and the IRS on Thursday put out new guidance and withholding tables for employers that incorporate changes from the new tax law.

Under those new tables, the Treasury estimates that 90% of people who get a paycheck are likely to see more in take-home pay, as soon as February. Employers will have until Feb. 15 to incorporate the changes in their payroll systems.

A reminder:  Every Democrat voted against this legislation.  Every one.  No exceptions.

Republicans, in other words, own the legislation that puts more money in 90% of workers’ paychecks.  And Democrats disown it.

Which side of this would you like to be on election day this coming November?

Me too.

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  • But, Remember the fabulously wealthy Nancy Pelosi told us it is only crumbs. I wonder if her picture is used for the definition of Stuck-up or the phrase “Out Of Touch”???

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