Are they really going to play a baseball game at Yankee stadium tonight?

Apropos of nothing political…

It poured all day.

There is standing water everywhere in the outfield.

Dozens of grounds crew members are literally pushing it around to try  and minimize the number off splash-sized puddles – which is impossible because they are everywhere.

What will they say if the game starts and somebody  is severely injured due to the condition of the field? That they’re sorry?

This is crazy.  Cancel now.

OK, back to politics, where I only wish we could find reasons for canceling events. Rain or otherwise.


UPDATE:  It is 8:45, over 2 hours since the scheduled start of the game, and they’re not playing yet. Some players are pulling their equipment from the dugout, which suggests the game is going to be canceled. I hope they’re right.


FINAL UPDATE:  Game canceled/ rescheduled.  Good.

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