In the early 1920s, the Nazi party had established a youth movement led by Kurt Gruber, with the aim of attracting young men who could be trained to become members of the SA (Stormtroopers). On 4th July 1926 the group was renamed the Hitler Youth, League of German Worker Youth and became attached to and run by the SA.

The Hitler Youth (Hitler Jugend) wore uniforms and  attended meetings and rallies where they were indoctrinated with Nazi views.

Adolf Hitler believed that the support of the youth was vital to the future of the third Reich and aimed, through the Hitler Youth programme, to produce a generation of loyal supporters of Nazi views:

How many words from the above historical narrative do you have to change to morph this into “antifa”?

Not many, I think.

And The black-clad, masked “antifa” thugs certainly know where they can get away with their violent fascism in the name of fighting violent fascism.

From Jeffrey Cimmino’s article at

An Antifa protest in Berkeley became violent on Sunday when members of the group smashed the windows of a Marine Corps recruiting office. A series of photos posted on Twitter show Antifa members, self-styled anti-facists who use violence to oppose those they identify as fascists, racists or right wing extremists, destroying the windows of the Shattuck Avenue office.

Twenty people were arrested during competing demonstrations by Antifa and individuals connected to the alt-right. Three people were hurt after authorities say “extremists” threw explosives at police officers, Fox News reports. The explosives are believed to have consisted of fireworks and flares.

Video posted on Twitter shows individuals dressed in black using hammers to smash windows at the Marine Corps office.

Berkeley police said a group of protesters damaged 21 city vehicles and set fire to trash bins

Last August, Antifa protests in Berkeley similarly turned violent. Video emerged showing Antifa members beating individuals and threatening journalists. A senior researcher at the Anti-Defamation League, Joanna Mendelson, commented at the time that violent action by even a small number of protesters “undermines their entire effort to counter the narrative.”

When do we recognize what is dead-on in front of our eyes?   When do we understand that this has gone on so far beyond when it should have been stopped that it is reaching critical mass?

And when do we demand that the politicians who have, so far got away with looking the other way and, in a few cases (keith ellison, for one) even sympathizing with these descendants of the third reich, either aggressively join the fight to eradicate this defecation smear or explain why they won’t.

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