From Jim Sciutto, Carl Bernstein and Marshall Cohen’s July 27th article for the (it’s been a long time, but they really were) formerly respectable CNN:

(CNN) Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s former personal attorney, claims that then-candidate Trump knew in advance about the June 2016 meeting in Trump Tower in which Russians were expected to offer his campaign dirt on Hillary Clinton, sources with knowledge tell CNN. Cohen is willing to make that assertion to special counsel Robert Mueller, the sources said.

Cohen’s claim would contradict repeated denials by Trump, Donald Trump Jr., their lawyers and other administration officials who have said that the President knew nothing about the Trump Tower meeting until he was approached about it by The New York Times in July 2017.


From Curtis Houck’s August 23rd article for

On Thursday, the “big three” morning and evening network newscasts of ABC, CBS, and NBC failed to inform their viewers that Michael Cohen did not actually know whether then-candidate Donald Trump had a heads-up on the infamous Trump Tower when media reports starting on July 26 originally claimed otherwise.

This massive correction by Cohen lawyer Lanny Davis was ignored on the networks despite the fact that the original claim fetched 28 minutes and 29 seconds of coverage on their July 27 morning and evening newscasts.

(Cohen’s attorney, Lanny Davis said)  the media to have gotten their reporting “mixed up in the course of a criminal investigation,” adding that “[w]e were not the source of the story and in the course of a criminal investigation, the advice we were given — those of us dealing with the media is that we could not do anything other than stay silent.”

Translation:  the story was not true.  But it sat out there for a month.  And now that the three networks have allowed the full weight of this untrue accusation to come down on Trump, they are not bothering to inform their viewers that it was not true.  And Cohen’s lawyer says “gee, we certainly couldn’t correct the networks all this time (wink, wink).

If this does not cause you to take anything about Trump that comes from these “news” sources with a shakerful – not a grain, but a shakerful – of salt, you’re beyond hope.

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  • Trump still has a number of cards to play.

    1. He can instruct Lowenstein to report on the status of Mueller’s investigation, and limit the scope to the areas already explored.
    Then, appoint another special investigator to look into Hillary’s emails, Uranium One, Benghazi, Slick Willy’s peccadilloes, etc, etc.

    2. Investigate the $17 million of Congress’s payoffs to wronged women.

    3. The 30,000 Hillary emails found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop are mostly unread. How about going through them to learn about Hillary’s yoga sessions.

    4. Isn’t $145 Million “donated” by the Russians to the Clinton Foundation something that suggests “collusion”?

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