Did the already-voluminous list of lies told by adam schiff get even bigger?

As you probably know, schiff went public with the phone records of a number of people involved in the “impeachment inquiry” farce (though none of the ones Republicans have a problem with, of course).  One of them was Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee

And now, from Nunes, we have this – stated yesterday morning on a Fox News show (did you really expect CNN or MSNBC to report it?):

“I [went] through all my phone records, and I can tell you, my phone records do not match what Schiff and the Democrats put in [their] report.”

Is Devin Nunes telling the truth?  Do I trust Devin Nunes more than I trust adam schiff?

Let’s just say that – forgetting Nunes – in an honesty contest between schiff and Pinocchio, it would be a close call.

There is little doubt that we have not heard the end of this….though I doubt you’ll see much of it covered by mainstream media.

Stay tuned.

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