I used to be a big basketball fan.

Over the years, however, my interest has waned, as the game degenerated from setting up plays to, more and more, just finding ways to violently stuff the ball into the hoop – which now is designed to accommodatingly bend during each assault instead of breaking off the backboard.

The large number of players whose bodies are testaments to how much money can be spent to tattoo and metal-ring every square inch of a human body is another major contributor to my lowered-to-next-to-nothing interest level.

But now that I have read the following information, pulled from Jonah Gottschalk’s article at, you can consider my interest level at zero:

The National Basketball Association is now blocking fans from customizing jerseys to include “FreeHongKong,” while allowing a range of gross activist slogans on its merchandise. Through its online store, the league has long let fans create jerseys with personalized messages on the back. In fact, the feature recently become a key part of the NBA’s push to allow players to sport activist statements on their jerseys. Today, however, it became clear the NBA doesn’t love all protests equally.

As first pointed out by Twitter users, the NBA store is blocking any fans from making jerseys with popular protester slogan “FreeHongKong.” This happens despite the site allowing numerous antisemitic and anti-police slogans. Right now, you can make a custom NBA jersey with “KillCops,””‘F-ck Police,” and “Burn Jews” among many other objectionable phrases. It appears that supporting a pro-democracy movement, however, is too extreme.

Does that sicken you to the core of your being?  I hope so.

And while you are in that state, here’s something else to think about:  the NBA and Communist China have been in cahoots for decades.  The NBA makes major fortunes off of China.  Thus, if it goes afoul of what the communist Chinese government wants, it loses those major fortunes.

Maybe that’s why  custom NBA jerseys with slogans like  “KillCops”, “Fuck Police,” and “Burn Jews”  are available, but “Free Hong Kong” is not allowed.

The NBA, as it now is constructed, will never see another penny from me.  And if our wonderful, neutral, journalistically on-the-ball, mainstream media reported on this puke-worthy policy, I’m guessing millions of others would feel, and act, the same way.

But don’t count on that happening.  Our mainstream media are far more committed to blaming Donald Trump rather than China for the COVID-19 pandemic to bother with something like this.

Chinese dictator xi jinping, I am sure, is more than grateful.

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  • I am disgusted by all of this blm pandering, not only sports but everywhere.
    I was so happy about Formula One starting back up but then they did the blm bs. A business made up of foreigners is not racist.
    The slogan they are using “end racism” Is ridiculous.
    Billions of dollars are involved in F1, do you think for one moment they wouldn’t hire the best because of Race? For that matter how many companies do you think would? Let me tell you, any company that wouldn’t hire the best person they could afford has bigger business problems than racism.

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