Have you noticed that every one of the accusations against Brett Kavanaugh is from high school or college; that absolutely none has come from anyone, male or female, who has known him throughout his entire adult professional life?

This is the hit job of them all. And, as of now, I would put the odds on its succeeding, at least in the sense of destroying Brett Kavanaugh’s chances for the Supreme Court as well as his personal life.

What it does to voter participation in the midterm elections, however, maybe a very different story.

We have already talked about how this might energize Republicans and moderates of good will, along with some Democrats who are sickened by what their party has become.

On that, I would put the odds at better than 50-50.

Whether it holds through the elections themselves remains to be seen.  But, at this point, it is my fervent hope that it does.

Something has to stop what is being done to our country by some, not all, Democrats, with most of the rest of them quietly acquiescing.

Maybe getting trounced in an election year which, based on historical trends, they should win handily, will do the trick.

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