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For two seats at the head table with Clinton, George Clooney and his wife, attorney Amal Clooney, at an April 15 fundraiser, a couple must contribute or raise a whopping $353,400 — a huge ticket price for a hard-dollar fundraiser.

The Bay Area fundraiser, hosted at the home of venture capitalist Shervin Pishevar, is one of two events starring the Clooneys. On April 16, Clinton and the Clooneys will reunite at the Clooney Los Angeles mansion, where tickets cost $33,400 per person to dine at the table with one of Hollywood’s most glamorous couples.

Both events raise money for the Hillary Victory Fund. While the maximum donation to a presidential campaign is $2,700 for the primary elections (plus another $2,700 for the general), the Hillary Victory Fund can accept much larger contributions because it is a so-called joint fundraising committee that is comprised of multiple committees.

Help me out here:  what would Democrats – very much including Hillary Clinton supporters – say if Donald Trump, or Ted Cruz, or John Kasich ran a fund-raiser at a fabulously wealthy venture capitalist’s home, where each couple had to contribute and/or raise over $350,000 for dinner and some close-up time with the candidate – with the wildly out of proportion amoung being legal because they found a few end-arounds to circumvent campaign contribution laws?

Well that is what should be said about Hillary Clinton, isn’t it?

And, while we’re on the subject of Hillary and huge money interests, when do we see the transcripts of those speeches she made at Goldman Sachs?

And Deutschebank?

And Morgan Stanley?

And Sanford Bernstein?

And the others (anyone who thinks Goldman Sachs was the only Wall Street giant she was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to speak to has not been reading this blog)?

Maybe, just maybe, this is why Bernie Sanders is still in the hunt.

And maybe, just maybe, it is why some of the more ardent Hillary supporters ought to be taking a much longer, much closer look at who Hillary Clinton really is, and how likely she will actually be to do the things they want from a President.


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