On February 16th, I wrote about Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE) introducing the  Born Alive Survivors Protection Act (BASPA) and Democrat opposition to it.

Well, “action” on this bill occurred today.  And I do not own the words to express my revulsion.

From Matt Walsh’s article at  The bold print is mine:

On Tuesday, Democrats in the U.S. Senate blocked a bill that would have required clinics and hospitals to provide basic medical treatment to infants born alive after failed abortions. Democrats tried to position the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act as a radical assault on the bodily autonomy of women and an intrusion of the government into medical decisions, but it was nothing of the sort. Read the text of the bill right here. Despite the histrionics and claims from Democrats like Senator Gillibrand’s that the legislation would “harm women,” all the act would have done is prohibit abortionists from leaving infant children to die painful and unnecessary deaths after they’ve already been born.

In other words, Democrats blocked a bill that would have prevented infanticide, for newborn babies whose only “crime” was surviving an attempt on their lives.

It does not – repeat, does not – get sicker or more depraved than this.

Now let’s see if mainstream media even bother to report it.


  • Amen Brother. In a culture that believes their great-great-really-great-ancestors are apes this is not a problem. Animal ancestry will breed animal behavior devoid of morality. No creator, therefore no god “big G” but only small “g”s as selected from a degenerate spiritual smorgasbord. The Exodus / Pharaoh and Gospel/ Herods are inferior to legalized murderers of the “unborn”. The terms Abortion and Fetus are constructs to marginalize and normalize the commercial industry of butchering an unborn child in or out the womb to satisfy people who have no concern beyond the human in the MIRROR! Worse still are those humans who claim creation and evolution go together like soup and sandwich. And of course now we have more evidence that Republicans actually recognize the difference between right and wrong! Thank God.

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