Another Democrat member of the House of Representatives has announced he will not vote for impeachment.

Rep. Collin Peterson says that, barring new information (From who?  From where?) he will not vote to impeach President Trump for the (bad pun here) trumped-up charges of abuse of power and obstruction of congress.

Mr. Peterson says he expects “4 or 5” other Democrat congresspeople to do the same.

This comes on the heels of news that Rep. Jeff Van Drew (D-NJ) not only will vote “no” on impeachment, but is probably going to switch parties and become a Republican altogether.

How many more have to flip, before Nancy Pelosi – who never wanted this ridiculous “impeachment inquiry” in the first place – declares she will forgo an impeachment vote and instead go for censure (which she would have no problem getting – even some Republicans would join in).

Would this be personally humiliating?  Politically debilitating?  Yes and yes. Not just to Nancy Pelosi but to schiff, nadler and the other safe-seat Democrats pushing their version of a Seinfeld impeachment (i.e. an impeachment over nothing).

But that would be far better than what happens if a vote is passed and the Republican-controlled Senate then makes guacamole out of the impeachment farce by, among other things, bringing in their witnesses – the ones Democrats suppressed in their House hearings – and calling people like adam schiff (as a fact witness), Joe Biden and Hunter Biden.

If I were Ms. Pelosi I would be rooting for those 4-5 to make themselves known, and to be joined by a few others – so that she had a rationale to censure, thus avoiding that Senate trial.

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