…another opportunity for mainstream media to talk about the overt, in-your-face lie christine blasey ford told about fear of flying, which turned out to be an intentional strategy for delaying the hearings three days…

and another opportunity for mainstream media to talk about the overt, in-your-face lie about a second entrance door having anything to do with Brett Kavanaugh – we now know the permit for that door was obtained in 2008, four years before her allegedly revelatory therapy session.

Other than maybe on Fox, have you seen a thing about the fact that she is clearly a liar?  Or read a thing about it in, say, the New York Times, or Washington Post, or Los Angeles Times?

There is NO REASON for christine blasey ford to get a free pass on her allegations that a man with a wife, children and decades of stellar behavior/ethics is a would-be rapist whose behavior was so aggressive he might have inadvertently killed her.

Why does a woman who makes such accusations get a free pass to say anything, even overt lies, without being challenged?  Why is it perfectly OK to trash a man’s lifelong reputation, humiliate him, and subject his family to the hate-filled threats they are getting, because she is a woman.

When did we decide that women never lie and men never tell the truth?  What planet is this?

I have a wife, a sister and a granddaughter, not to mention a large number of cousins (big family on my mother’s side), two aunts still alive, and countless female friends.  If I challenge christine blasey ford on her honesty or her accuracy of remembrance, or her motives, does that mean I don’t care about the safety and well-being of these, and other women I care about?

And if I accept the premise that christine blasey ford, because she is a woman who claims to be a victim, must be believed, does it not follow that this holds just as true for other men?

Earlier I mentioned women I am related to and friends with.  Well, I also have a brother, two sons, a grandson, many male family members and friends. If, tomorrow, a woman claims one of them sexually assaulted her – no evidence, just the accusation – do you expect my reaction to be “She’s a woman, therefore I believe her.  Why did you do it?”

I hope you don’t, because that’s not what it will be.

But if you buy into the premise that she must be believed, then it damn sure better be YOUR reaction.

Hey, I have an idea:  why not tell them as much.  Tell your father, or son, or grandson, or uncle  or nephew “If you’re ever accused of something like this, I’m telling you now that I will believe the accuser, not you”.  Let me know what they say.

See the point?  I hope so.

And if you do see the point, you’ll be way ahead of most of our mainstream media.  Because “she’s a woman so she tells the truth, he’s a man so he’s lying” is clearly the  premise they are accepting.

I don’t know how they can ever repair the damage they are doing to their reputation, their credibility.  And, at this point, I don’t know that I want them to find a way.

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