About that bromance between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin which our media keeps assuring us is hot and heavy;  the one which supposedly resulted in all that collusion no one seems able to find evidence of…

….it seems to have taken another interesting turn.

From Paul Crookston’s article at the Washington Free Beacon, we have this:

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley excoriated Russia on Tuesday for its militancy in Syria despite agreeing to yet another ceasefire.

Russia’s support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government has drawn Haley’s ire before, as it has crippled humanitarian efforts in the war-torn country. Haley said the Syrian conflict is stuck in a cycle of “siege, starve, and surrender” that Russia perpetuates by flagrantly violating ceasefire agreements, with its latest conquest being eastern Ghouta.

“After years of enduring siege and starvation, residents are surrendering eastern Ghouta,” Haley told the U.N. Security Council. “The terrible irony of this moment must be stated and acknowledged: in the 30 days since the Security Council demanded a ceasefire, the bombardment of the people of eastern Ghouta has only increased.”

Haley said a responsible Security Council would demand humanitarian aid in Syria and refuse to tolerate Russian actions. But, she noted, that is impossible because Moscow has veto power in the Security Council.

In 1944, the late, great Mills Brothers had a big hit in the 1940’s with their great song “You Always Hurt The One You Love”.  If that sentiment is accurate, Donald Trump must be very much in love with Vladimir Putin.

Or, maybe, Donald Trump isn’t in love with Putin at all, and the media which have been relentlessly selling this claim are, collectively, full of, er, dzhugashvili.

You tell me which seems more likely.

Oh, by the way, since I mentioned the Mills Brothers and their great rendition of this classic 40’s song, I thought you might be interested in hearing it.  So click here and enjoy.  I promise it is far more entertaining, and twice as far more melodious, as anything you’ll ever hear from Rachel Maddow.

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