….with 52 shootings and 14 fatalities (that we know about so far).

Add them to the 2020 total, which now stands, less than halfway through the year, at 1,695 shootings, resulting in 302 shooting fatalities.

Chicago, let’s remember, has among the strictest gun control laws of any major city in the country.

Anyone want to hazard a guess about how many of these shootings/killings were committed by people using legally obtained guns?

For the umpteenth time:  strict gun control laws are irrelevant to people who do not obey laws.

If you’re not enacting laws that lessen the number of people carrying illegal guns (such as mandatory sentences for someone found in possession of an illegal gun, even if it is not being used in a crime at that moment), you are not addressing gun violence.

A lesson unlearned.


UPDATE:  The newly revised figure is 18 dead, not 14….with the potential, of course, to rise further.

Great job, Mayor Lightfoot. How proud you must be.

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