Another assault on a trump supporter (this one is 14 years old)

A Florida school boy, 14 years old, was pummeled by several students for the crime of wearing a trump hat on a school bus.   Use the above link to read the story and see the video, complete with other students screaming in horror as it unfolds.

But do not – repeat, not – expect most mainstream media to make anything of this, or even to report it at all…because they haven’t made anything of the literally hundreds of other such incidents over the years Donald Trump has been President, so why start now?

Maybe their serial ignoring of physical as well as verbal attacks on Trump supporters is because they’re too busy telling us how endangered they are, due to President Trump calling their 90%-plus negative coverage of him as “fake news”.

Let me know the next time even one Trump -hating journalist is assaulted for anything relating to his/her coverage of the president. I’ll wait.


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