BDS.  Boycott, Divest Sanction.  That’s the ticket.  Bring Israel to its knees.  If you boycott its products it will have to accede to your wishes.  Yep, great, great idea.

Well, here’s another advance to toss on top of the Boycott pile.

Excerpted from Dana Varinsky’s article at

When kids learn about the planet’s water cycle, they’re taught a simple concept: our atmosphere is filled with water vapor that has evaporated from the bodies of liquid water we see around us. When the vapor’s temperature gets low enough, it gets turned back into water.

The presence of that vapor becomes especially apparent in the summer, when droplets collect on glasses of ice water and air conditioning units drip onto unsuspecting passersby.

An Israeli company called Water-Gen does not think of that condensation as a byproduct; instead, it has built machines specifically designed to create and harvest as much condensation as possible. Using a system that uses a set of plastic “leaves” to funnel air in various directions, the team has developed water generators that appear to create pure drinking water out of nothing.

Water-Gen is one of seven Israeli companies presenting technological innovations at the United Nations General Assembly this week.

The company currently makes three sizes of water generating machines, each of which must be plugged into a power source. At 80 degrees and 60% humidity, the biggest can yield about 825 gallons per day, but Kohavi says the technology is easily scalable. The company’s medium sized unit produces 118 gallons per day under the same conditions, and the smallest — which is intended for use in a home or office — produces just under 4 gallons per day.

Water-Gen estimates that at current energy prices, the water generated will cost less than ten cents a gallon.

Hmmm.  Water from condensation.  An answer to the lack of water in so many places around the world – certainly in a good many of the countries that hate Israel with a vengeance.

But….Boycott, Divest, Sanction.  Remember?  Can’t use it, because those @(#%^!%$ Jews came up with it.

Too bad….

Oh, did I mention that, as of December, 2015, Israel had a total of 35,900 patents?  By contrast, the highest Arab country, Saudi Arabia, is at 1,513, the next highest, Kuwait, at 448, then Egypt (275) and the United Arab Emirates (264)?

Or that Israel has slightly more than 8,000,000 people compared to over 135,000,000 Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt and the UAE?

Do the math and you will find that those four countries have about 17 times as many people as Israel…but Israel has about 15 times the number of patents – a disparity of about 255 to 1.

That’s not a good ratio for the BDS crowd, is it?

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