Another lie from adam schiff.  It’s hard to keep track anymore.

As we are reminded in Philip Wegmann’s article at, adam schiff, in his House Intelligence Committee report, claims, as if it were settled fact, that President Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani…

…worked with the administration to freeze $391 million in foreign aid to Ukraine to pressure the government of that country into publicly committing to opening an investigation into Joe Biden’s family.

The report details phone calls and texts dating from last spring and summer, including a nearly 13-minute call on April 24 from an “OMB Phone Number.” It is part of the evidence that Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff relied on to build his case for impeachment.

The problem?

There is absolutely no proof that Giuliani did any such thing.

Further on in Mr. Wegmann’s article, we find this:

Apparently Schiff and his staff believe the 395 prefix that showed up on the phone records subpoenaed by House Democrats from AT&T and Verizon belongs only to phones in the OMB offices, something that Republican sources say isn’t accurate. 

Asked for a response, a Democratic committee official replied late Thursday. “The call records obtained by the Committees identified a number that appears to be ‘associated with OMB’ based on public directories,” this official said. “As we have made clear since the report was released, we are continuing to investigate these call records as part of our ongoing work, including to assess whether that number, associated with OMB landlines, may also indicate calls received from elsewhere within the White House.”

Translation:  schiff states, categorically that Giuliani did it…

…but, when that claim is challenged, the story changes to “Well, we think so but we’re still investigating”….

…which, in turn, translates as “We either don’t know what the eff we’re talking about, or we know damn well there’s no proof, but since media never challenge our lies, why not pump out another one?”

Bottom line?

-adam schiff, again, shows what a lying snake he is.

-The “impeachment inquiry”, again, is shown to be a ridiculous farce based on absolutely no evidence.

-And Democrats, again, come across as oblivious to the fact that, more and more, the public is catching on to these facts.

I’ve asked it before and I’ll ask it again:  have schiff, Nadler and Pelosi signed a suicide pact?  Because this joint exercise in BS is, literally, destroying the credibility of their party, not to mention their chances for 2020.

I don’t get it.  Do you?

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  • Because this joint exercise in BS is, literally, destroying the credibility of their party, not to mention their chances for 2020.

    It is also destroying the lives of real people. How many people have they destroyed trying to get Trump???
    I hope they all end up paying for what they are doing.

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