I’m not especially familiar with Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ).  But I now know him to be a master of understatement.

My assessment is based on what he says about some of his more vulnerable Democrat counterparts in the House; specifically, where they are veering after the House Intelligence Committee’s adam schiff-orchestrated “impeachment inquiry” – which did nothing to further Democrat dreams of unseating the elected President – and before the House Judiciary Committee’s Jerrold Nadler-orchestrated next phase of this “inquiry”, which is almost certain to do more of the same.

According to Rep. Biggs:

“They’re a little bit feeling some heat, some discomfort about pursuing the impeachment, and especially in light of what came out in the last two weeks of… the open hearings.

“Nobody can really explain what the charges are. … That’s why I think they’re looking for an off ramp in some respects.”

Credit to Mr. Biggs for, presumably in the spirit of comity, providing such a measured, restrained analysis.

Me, I usually don’t feature either of those attributes.  And I certainly won’t employ them here.

What actually happened was that adam schiff an obnoxious serial liar, ran that “inquiry” like a pompous tin pot dictator.  And, despite all the “this is what I think” and “that’s what I presumed” accusations, not one of the witnesses all Democrat witnesses, none picked by Republicans – could specify even one instance of Trump demanding a quid pro quo, or engaging in collusion, or extortion or bribery.

In other words, even with a thoroughly stacked deck, and much of mainstream media reporting each day as if Trump’s hold on the presidency had one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel, schiff came up with exactly nothing.

Poll-wise, the result was that public sentiment for impeachment either stayed about the same or dropped – with the greatest drop among independents…i.e. the group most vulnerable to moving their votes from one party to the other.

And now, during the holiday season, we’ll have the spectacle of Jerrold Nadler – who makes schiff seem charismatic by comparison – running a similarly stacked-deck hearing in the Judiciary Committee.

If I were a vulnerable Democrat, especially one in a district that Trump won in 2016, this would scare the crap out of me.  Two pompous members of my party, running a kangaroo court, “inquiry” which has turned up exactly nothing so far and almost certainly will continue to turn up nothing….

…while Republicans keep reminding the voters that the Democrat obsession with impeaching Trump has been at the expense of a year’s worth of legislation – i.e. what they’re supposed to be doing/what might benefit individual voters personally and the country in general.

Assuming Republicans exploit this effectively (a big assumption, them being Republicans), those vulnerable Democrats have every reason to be scared.

And anyone who thinks Jerrold Nadler is going to pull victory out of this rout, hasn’t seen or heard much from Jerrold Nadler – a hall-of-fame quality safe seat Democrat partisan hack, who has been mailing it in for decades.

What a mistake this was.  Is.  And continues to be.


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  • Trump should have the OMB or whatever agency figures out monetary policies to find out how much the USA has lost because Pelosi stalled the new nafta agreement. I think voters might like to see in dollars and cents what this pathetic House has been doing. Or not doing.

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