For the past week I’ve been extolling New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo’s actions regarding the COVID-19 virus, and the excellence of his daily progress reports.  I stand by everything I have written in this regard.

But where was Andrew Cuomo over the years, when the health sector was asking for protection from exactly the kind of pandemic we are experiencing today?

For that, I reference John Hinderaker’s truly eye-opening piece at in which he copiously references Julie Kelly’s information-packed – and justifiably accusatory – anti-Cuomo piece at

Here is just a taste – but it is meaningless unless you use both of the above links and fully read them:

New York Governor Andy Cuomo, like President Trump, is delivering daily coronavirus briefings. Unlike President Trump, he is being swooned over by liberal reporters.

The fact that New York is the epicenter of the COVID crisis in the U.S. is no coincidence. It flows from the policies of Governor Cuomo and New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio, as well as New York City’s nature as an international hub and a closely-packed city. Back to Julie Kelly:

[N]either Cuomo nor New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio deserve attaboys. A toxic combination of Big Apple hubris, devotion to open borders regardless of the imminent threat, and Trump-hating obstinacy fueled a stubborn strategy that left their citizens vulnerable for months.

Further, New York’s political leaders have acknowledged that the world’s financial capital—a city home to nearly 9 million people, the most densely populated city in the country—has no comprehensive plan to deal with a pandemic or any viral public health threat.

Y’know, maybe Governor Cuomo isn’t as deserving of all these accolades as we are being made to believe.

And maybe Donald Trump is not the root of New York’s problem.

That’s worth thinking about.

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  • Thank God for Donald Trump.
    The more I see of Democrat politicians and our news media the more I thank God we have Trump in the White House.

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