I just watched the beginning of Meet The Press – guest-hosted today by Andrea Mitchell.

Her opening monologue was a case study in partisan hysteria.

I won’t even try to paraphrase her half-the-story nuttiness.  I’ll try to get hold of a transcript and go through it later today or tomorrow.

If this is what NBC News thinks of as journalism, it is in bigger trouble than I thought….and I thought it was in huge trouble.


UPDATE:  Here is the first part of Ms. Mitchell’s opening statement – in rust, with my comments in blue:

And good Sunday morning. I’m Andrea Mitchell, filling in for Chuck Todd. Should’ve stopped right there, Andrea.

The word “stonewall” has long been associated with the Watergate scandal. In one of the tapes recorded as the scandal deepened, Nixon tells his campaign director and former attorney general John Mitchell, “I want you all to stonewall it. Let them plead the Fifth Amendment, cover up, or anything else if it’ll save the plan. That’s the whole point.” OK, thank you for that stroll down memory lane.  Your point?

Fighting congressional Democrats, stonewalling seems to be President Trump’s whole point right now. Huh?  Stonewalling what?  Pleading the fifth to what?  Unlike Nixon, Trump was not charged with anything, remember?  And the accusations mueller and his all-Democrat staff spent two years and about $30 million dollars pursuing, resulted in the findings of no evidence of collusion and no way to pin obstruction of justice on him.  This is a classic case of apples and oranges.

While the Mueller report has certainly not generated a Watergate-level crisis, That is a red herring set-up of the first order.  The mueller report has not generated ANY crisis — but to say it this way suggests that it did, and the difference is just a matter of degree. Shame on you.  President Trump this week made clear he is not about to cooperate any further with Russia-related investigations.  Why SHOULD he?  He just cooperated completely during a two year investigation run by a Star Chamber-quality (all Democrat) staff, headed by one of James Comey’s best pals, and they came up with nothing.  How many times is he supposed to do this? 

Despite the damning evidence of possible obstruction detailed in the Mueller Report LIAR.  The report said there was insufficient evidence to charge him with ANY obstruction of justice, Mr. Trump is sticking to his no-collusion, no-obstruction spin LIAR.  That is not spin, those are THE FINDINGS OF THE REPORT and is vowing to fight congressional subpoenas.

The president knows this playbook well. Throughout his business career, he’s employed a jab-and-move strategy, hoping to run out the clock until the current crisis ebbs or the next one emerges. Oh, now you’re invoking his business career?  Nothing specific, no actual instances of him doing any such thing, but you’re tossing it out anyway?  First you accuse him of collusion and obstruction based on nothing, and now you accuse him of a history of such actions – again based on nothing.  You are pathetic.

All of which has left Democrats debating their next move: Start impeachment proceedings, as some on the left are urging, or keep investing, fight the president, and leave Mr. Trump’s fate to the voters?  Which one are you rooting for, Andrea?  Because, based on this unbelievably dishonest, integrity-challenged blot on real journalism, I’d think you wouldn’t settle for less than having him tarred, feathered, then run out of town on a rail.

Thank you Andrea Mitchell, for demonstrating so clearly what Donald Trump talks about when he references fake news.

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