On May 17th, I wrote a blog titled “A Dilemma For The Lost Tribe”, in which I noted that, in Pennsylvania, Scott Wallace – who oversees a foundation which contributes heavily to anti-Israel causes – had won the Democrat primary for its newly-formed 1st district.

In support of my statement I detailed specific contributions that Wallace, through his foundation, had given to pro-Boycott/Divest/Sanction organizations – hundreds of thousands of dollars of them – and then put up the following:

Jill Zipin, a founder and spokesperson for Democratic Jewish Outreach Pennsylvania, told The Forward the donations are “deeply concerning to me.”

“If Scott Wallace, it turns out, supports BDS, he won’t get our endorsement, even though he’s a progressive,” she said.

My reaction at that time was:

JUST “deeply troubled”?  IF he supports BDS?

Can you not see where this is going?   Stay tuned for the “although we have grave concerns about Mr. Wallace..on the whole….we support him” boilerplate.  I’m sure Ms. Zipin will be happy to fill in the rest.

Shortly thereafter I received a comment by Ms. Zipin, which I responded to.  Here are both:

  • Hi It is Jill Zipin. I am opposed to BDS. It is a form of antisemtism and is rooted in antisemtism. It is unacceptable to me a Jew who is Zionist and a liberal. DJOP will not support anybody who supports BDS.

  • Jill: I take you at your word, and accept that your intent is exactly as you describe it.

    But, reading your comments and assuming they are accurate, it is extremely difficult for me not to conclude that you are trying to give Mr. Wallace the opportunity to backtrack just enough to get your group’s endorsement…”grave concerns” notwithstanding.

    What, exactly, does Wallace have to do to convince you that he supports BDS? How many more thousands of dollars does he have to give to how many more BDS-supporting entities before you see what is in front of your eyes?

    It is the disinclination to recognize such reality, even when it is as transparent as Scott Wallace has made it, that caused me to coin the term “Lost Tribe” in this context.

    That said, maybe you will, after all is said and done, prove me wrong about your understanding of who/what Scott Wallace is. I hope you do.

I will finish this blog by posting the following endorsement that was issued on July 2nd:

The Democratic Jewish Outreach of PA (DJOP) on Monday, July 2 2018 endorsed Scott Wallace, Democratic nominee for the U.S. Congress in Bucks County (PA-1.)

The Steering Committee of the federal political action committee issued the following statement:

“The Democratic Jewish Outreach of Pennsylvania has studied carefully Congressional candidate (PA-1) Scott Wallace’s clarification of his position on Israel. His strong statement of support and understanding should put to rest any doubts of Mr. Wallace’s commitment to Israel’s security and the critical importance of the special relationship between the U.S. and the Jewish State.

Exactly, precisely, 100% what I said would happen – not because I’m especially smart or insightful but because it has happened so many times in the past.

All it took was for Wallace to say “oh, well, I don’t really hate Israel, honest.  I actually support it.  Trust me”  And these benighted fools have done just that.

The Lost Tribe.  When will they learn?  Ever?

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