…are you as intrigued as I am by the fact that, of all the lawyers in the United States that michael cohen could have chosen, he settled on Lanny Davis –  arguably, the single most ardent Clinton-supporting lawyer of them all.

Do you wonder, as I do, how a take-no-prisoners defender of Hillary Clinton, whom Donald Trump defeated in the 2016 election, wound up front-and-center in this investigation.

Just when you thought an investigation led by an “Independent Counsel” who turns out to be a best-friend of james comey, the FBI Director President Trump fired, who has stacked his staff with nothing but Democrats – some of whom contributed directly to Hillary Clinton – could not get more farcical, we have this.

How deep is the deep state?  We’re finding out, aren’t we.

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  • In July, CNN rolled out another story using anonymous sources wherein they reported Michael Cohen claimed Trump knew about the Trump Tower meeting with Veselnitskaya in advance.

    CNN was giddy to report that Cohen’s information contradicted Don Jr.’s testimony and repeated denials his father knew about the meeting.

    As usual, CNN was reporting fake news and curiously Lanny Davis himself confirmed to being one of the anonymous sources at the time it was published.

    Lanny Davis confirmed to The New York Post that he was one of the anonymous sources and lied when he told them that CNN’s report was accurate.

    Now Lanny Davis is walking back his claims and went on the record admitting he lied to the media.

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