Austin is a very nice city in Texas, with very nice people.  My wife and I were there with dear friends for an event earlier this year and enjoyed the trip immensely.

Austin is also a very liberal town in a mostly moderate/conservative state.  As such, it just might be a logical next stop for the antifa/”Black Lives Matter” crowd to try overtaking…

…which, apparently, has started.

Please click here for John Hinderaker’s short article at, which contains a video showing one component of their effort.

When you do, I suggest you be prepared for some major-league profanity from a “man” with a bullhorn, verbally attacking people doing nothing other than trying to eat dinner outside at a restaurant.

Listen to his disgusting language and his overtly threatening words.  Note his equally threatening body language.

Then please tell me what cause this advances other than an empowered, entitled thug trying to scare/intimidate people.

If you can find anything in this video that in any way would advance any cause a decent human being would care about, please let me know.

To the citizens of Austin:  get ready.  Because it is a near certainty that there is a lot more coming.

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  • I read somewhere that old men with not many years left to spend in prison are the Deep State’s most dangerous enemies. Maybe they’re the most dangerous enemy of thugs like the punk in this video too.

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