In the previous blog I made a point about Joe Biden’s ridiculous statement regarding H1B workers.

But I’ll give him this:  at least he mentioned the issue.

What has Joe Biden said about the Antifa anarchists, BLM radicals and, more generally,- left wing lunatics who are rioting, looting, vandalizing, toppling statues, etc. in Democrat-run cities around the country?

Has he said even one word?

Have media demanded that he say even one word? How many mainstream “journalists” have even bothered to ask him about it?

I wish I were amazed by this.  I wish I was even mildly surprised that our supposedly neutral media would run cover for Biden – i.e. if they don’t ask him about it, he doesn’t have to take a stand on it, and maybe the sheeple won’t notice.

What are they hoping?  That this will blow over by the time the campaign goes into high gear?

I wouldn’t count on it.

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